New Product Innovation: Mobile Workstation

It’s no secret that the need for jobsite and in-home storage solutions has increased in the past 10 years. But how does one combine a storage solution with a workspace? And furthermore, how does one make this hybrid mobile? Meridian International consistently surveys the market for needs just like this and we’ve come up with the next incredible storage solution.

Mobile Workstation

The new Mobile Workstation from Meridian International combines mobility and durability. Here are some of the reasons we believe this workstation will be one of the most popular storage solutions on the market.


Composed of structural foam, the Mobile Workstation has a 500 lbs. surface test and an 800 lbs. overall capacity. The structural foam composition enables the workstation to remain intact even when faced with sharp edges or heavy loads.


Four castors, including two locking castors, make moving the Mobile Workstation easy. Locking the castors ensures the workstation won’t move, even during strenuous project such as sawing wood or hammering boards.


The Mobile Workstation is equipped with a large cabinet along with four drawers, all of which can be easily locked with the simple turn of a key. The 25 lbs. working load drawers are perfect for any and all tools you may need to use at your workstation. Also, the push handle of the cart has integrated tool storage that is perfect for quick access during a project.


The Mobile Workstation is flush with accessories. An included power strip with USB ports enables the use of power tools. Power cable hooks on the side of the workstation offer ideal hanging storage for power cables, hard hats and much more. Accessory bins can be attached on three of the four sides for additional easy access storage.

The new Mobile Workstation from Meridian International is sure to be hit. Please contact to learn more information about the Mobile Workstation.