New Product Innovation: Structural Foam Nozzles

Nozzles are always breaking. Whether it’s from getting run over by a car in the driveway, leaving them out in winter, or simply dropping them on the ground, the traditional multi-pattern nozzle just isn’t durable. Meridian International identified this issue as a point for major improvement, and with the help of new technologies and materials, the new Structural Foam Nozzles series is attracting customers all over the globe.

Structural Foam Nozzles

The new Structural Foam Nozzles from Meridian International are some of the most durable and efficient nozzles available. Here are some of the reasons we believe these nozzles will be a staple in the watering industry.


Composed of structural foam, these nozzles are simply stronger than conventional plastic. Their foam-based open-cell structure prevents common cracks or breaks you see in normal nozzles.

Thermal Properties

The foam-based open-cell structure of the Structural Foam Nozzles enables them to handle a wider range of temperatures than normal nozzles. Thus, the Structural Foam Nozzles can handle both hot and cold water.

Pressure Optimization

Many nozzle makers disregard the amount of water pressure their nozzles erase from the hose due to the vast amounts of twists and turns within the nozzles themselves. The new Structural Foam Nozzles from Meridian International have one single bend within the nozzle and align the exit point directly in line with the channel in the nozzle. This enables these nozzles to have unparalleled water pressure efficiency.

Ergonomic design

Many nozzles tend to have minimal ergonomic features. The dials can be tough to twist with lack of grip, and one’s hand can get sore holding onto a trigger. The new Structural Foam Nozzles have exaggerated grips on both the handle and the dial to change patterns, along with a flow control valve instead of a trigger.

The new Structural Foam Nozzles from Meridian International are stand outs in the watering industry. Please contact to learn more information about these nozzles.




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