MeriDesign, founded in 1998 is dedicated to offering excellence in conceptual product design, mechanical innovation, unique brand and packaging development together with ongoing technological support. The scopes of our innovative products include; traditional hand tools, electronic tools, garden tools and tool storage solutions.

Currently, we utilize a team containing more than 30 engineers and industrial designers who are involved in the coordination and execution of conceptual design, mechanical design and the overall project management activities. In addition to our ongoing cooperation with some of the world’s leading design houses, we currently have international branches located in Australia, France and the United States of America to guarantee our products strength across the competitive global markets. This comprehensive process ensures both the originality and superior quality of our products.


● Concept Design: Using sophisticated digital imaging technology ideas become a reality.

● Mechanical Design: Expertly executed, ensuring practicality from the innovative conceptual design.

● Graphic Design: Developing creative and aesthetically pleasing products.

● Packaging Design: Effective and market-specific, guaranteeing sales results.

● Product Consultation: A collaborative process integrated into each of the research and development stages.


Innovation will continue to be our driving inspiration as we move forward, forever improving the ergonomics of our designs. MeriDesign’s proven ability to apply our innovation throughout the research and development process together with our extensive experience within the global market will remain as essential elements in the success of our products.